When Resolutions Seem Daunting

Lying in bed with the stomach flu (and 2 sick kids by my side)  isn’t exactly the running start I hoped to have in 2019. But our plans are not always God’s plans. In fact, most of the time it seems like my plans are not God’s plans.


The past year has been one of sweet joys and difficult trials. As I browse all the articles on Bible reading plans, New Year’s resolutions and intentional goals, I can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed. For multiple reasons, at the start of this new year I’m feeling like I’m just barely keeping my head above water. The trials of life have threatened to overwhelm me and I’m trying to make it to shore. Setting up new goals and resolutions for myself sounds defeating. So instead, I’m focusing on the simple everyday faithfulness God desires me to have.


-Being faithful to spend time in the Word, even if it falls short of the hour of quiet I long for it to be.

-Being faithful to lift up the prayer requests of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

-Being faithful to serve and love my husband, even when it’s not convenient.

-Being faithful to love my kids, to be patient and kind when I’m tired or sick, always looking for ways to point them to Jesus.

-Being faithful to care for my home- the endless laundry piles and constant restocking of the fridge without complaint.

-Being faithful to serve my church with the gifts God has given me.


These may not be impressive goals, but they’re an honest reflection of the season of life that I’m in. One that’s filled to the brim and on the verge of spilling over. May God give us the grace to be faithful in the ordinary days of life.